On November 8th, 2012 I had one of the most exciting, challenging, educational & nerve wrecking experiences as I stood in front of a preselected audience at the Escuela de Comunicacion Monica Herrera in El Salvador to give my first public speaking delivery for a TEDx. The Topic  was "Catalisis" my Talk's title was "Si no te gusta, reencuadra." I had the pleasure and honor to be one of 12 exceptional speakers. Regardless of my unexpected technical mishap and the magician that saved my TEDx with some magic tricks in between plus endless laughs across America as it was streamed live, IT WAS AMAZING! Even thou I was on stage for 32 minutes, my presentation was clocked at 14 minutes 30 seconds in rehearsal and the rules of TEDx are strictly to be 18 minutes or less... The edit will keep it TEDx to the T!  In a few weeks it will be posted on their youtube channel and I can then think again... MAN I'M SO GLAD I DID IT AND IT'S OVER! QUE NERVIO DIOS!

"Frequencia 1225"
Canal 10
El Salvador Nov. 2012


-Elsy Montenegro
-Alex Bolaños
-Sara Hernandez
-Neli Merlinio
-Alejandro Gutman
-Alfredo Atanacio Cader
-Linda Raftree
-Litte Viejo/Ivan Bustillo
-Carlos Valladares