Born in Paris and raised in El Salvador, Milcho is a Music Video & TV Director, Video Artist, Keynote Speaker & Community Activator living in Miami. Her body of work in the Entertainment industry covers over 25 years of experience in Award Winning TV Shows on MTV Networks, MTV Latino (Tr3s) Telemundo, Mun2 and other Major Television Networks.

For 27 years Milcho lived with a Mental Condition called “Trichotillomania” which is the Urge to Pick and Pull Out One’s Hair Compulsively One by One. In 2009 After Years of Struggling with Trich & other Anxiety Related Disorders She Decided to Regain her Power and Eliminate the Destructive Urge to Pull by Completely Shaving off her Hair, Moment in which she Discovered Her True Self through her Power of Will & Determination. 

In 2012 Milcho gave a TEDx Talk in El Salvador About how her Adversities are Connected to her Creative Process by Running Towards Her Fears. Milcho has become an Ambassador for The Trichotillomania Learning Center Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors in California for which she Advocates to help bring Awareness and Encourage Silent Pullers to Seek Help.

Milcho currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Florida Chapter for the GRAMMYs where She takes Part on the Education Committee as well the Mentoring Program of GRAMMYU. In 2017 The Hispanic Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC made her Brand Ambassador where she Advocates to Empower the Latino Community &Encourages everyone to Live fearlessly Creative. Between 2014 & 2017 She sat on the Board of Trustees for the MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art of North Miami where she led the Education Committee. 

In Early 2018 Milcho Created “Self Crush,” a Campaign of Self Love & Self Respect Designed after her Own Survival Technics for What is Not Always a Fair World Nor a Peaceful Mind. She has Made it her Mission to Encourage others to Think Alternatively, Flip Their Thoughts, Appreciate their Adversities and Use them as their “Super Self Powers.” Being the Elephant in the Room has Never Felt so Right!