I Give Birth to IDEAS...
Street Performance for "Curator's Voice Project"
"Show Stellar Miami" at Curator's Voice Art Project
Wynwood (Miami Florida)
Aug/Sept 2014
Show Curated by Milagros Bello

"La Musa"
Self Portrait. Photography 30x40 Plexi Glass
"El Retorno de la Musa" Video Art Installation Trt: 14:00
"The Truth About la Musa" Video Art Installation Trt: 2:50
"Yellow" Video Art Installation Trt: 3:00
"Black" Video Art Installation Trt: 3:00

"La Musa" Self Portrait. Photography 30x40 Plexi Glass
"El Retorno de la Musa" Video Art Installation Trt: 14:00
"The Truth About la Musa" Video Art Installation Trt: 2:50 

My Muse left 1 year & 4 months ago and now she's back.
I know why she left but only she knows where.
The follow show took place at Alberto Linero Gallery in Wynwood Miami on October 19th, 2013.
 The show was Called "Art in the pursuit of happiness" and it was a collaboration with Arte del Barrio.

"Domingo Famliar"
Video Survaillance Installation

Show at:
Arte Americas 2011
Miami Independent Thinkers 2011
SCOPE Miami 2012 (SOLD)

Is there any parental supervision left?
Where do we draw the line?
Is there a line?
How crocket is it?
I'll Show You... Take a Peak!
Video Installation
Hard Core Gallery Miami, FL.

Definicion: interjection for surprise, boredom or a description for a really shitty deal. Used largely and frequently by Maracuchos (from Maracaibo, Venezuela) to denote such feelings

Watery Video Installation
(Poesia Visual)

"Que bonito el sexo sin condon, que bonita mi celulitis..."
"Lo que el año me robo"
Desintoxicacion verbal de Maria Virginia Vda de Polio
Video Installation with Live Birds.
(Poesia Visual)
"Me deje intoxicar por la mierda natural de la vida..."
"Milcho Wall"
Who says you need a Gallery?

En Diciembre 2005 (Art Basel) me tome una pared  sobre la 36st one block west from North Miami Ave in the Design District y monte lo siguiente: Water proof pictures of "The Art of Pulling" & "Give me 5" mas una fraze mia. This Gorilla style exhibit with no permit was up for one month till one day it was gone.
Fortunately I was able to recuperate my pieces. 
Who the hell would want pictures of me eating hair and an amputee anyways.. 
beside me!
So They Can Later Call Me Mother.

MAC Fine Art Gallery
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
July 2014
Show curated by Rochi Llaneza

"Penny" a Love Story Video Art Installation  2014
Trt: 3:00
"Si No Te Gusta Reencuadra" Neon 2011

"Yellow" 2011
 "Black" 2012

Travel & Travel 2012
"Swab Barcelona" (Spain), "Lima Photo" (Peru), 
"Odeon Bogota" (Colombia) & Now "Scope Miami" (Art Basel)

Love Stories... we all love them, hate them & 
sometimes kill them.
(estoy adonde me dejaste)
Video Art Installation

Live fish give movement to a nostalgic movement of emotional growth.
Show at LMNT Gallery
March 2012

Live Cricket Video Installations

Sometimes 3 is more crowded than any number after that.
"El Pescador"
Video Installation

"... y el pescador recupero lo que perdio en la espera..."
"Feeding Love"
Live Snake Video Installation

"Boas can eat up to 2 rabbits a week, today Love only had one."
Video Stills
Poesia Visual

"Si me hubiese llamado en ese mes de febrero..."
"Grow a Human"
Photo Installation
Arte del Barrio One day Show "Humano"
Miami 2006

La misma sociedad que te planta... te abandona y te quita.
"The Art of Pulling"
Photography Installation

"The Art of Pulling was not invented by me years ago, 
nor was it created by my grandmother from which
 I proudly inherited such gifted talent.